How to Clean Your Glass Bong

Want to see how easy it is to clean your glass bong or water pipe with Klear Kryptonite? We recommend using Klear Kryptonite Original Formula or Klear Kryptonite Naked glass and bong cleaner for all your cannabis smoking accessory cleaning needs.

  • Remove your bowl and slide

    Remove your dirty bong water by pouring it into you sink or toilet. Don't worry about making wherever you pour your bong water out dirty as Kryptonite will make cleanup quick and easy.

  • Pour in Klear Kryptonite

    Now that the water is removed from your pipe or bong, pour in Klear Kryptonite’s green slime into the lower opening of your pipe (where the bowl/slide go.)

  • Coat all surfaces of your bong

    Once you've added an ample amount of Kryptonite's cleaning solution into your bong, simply slush it around until you’ve coated all areas of your bong. You shouldn't need that much solution to coat all surfaces of your bong. A 2oz travel-sized bottle of Kryptonite will clean four bongs.

  • Flip and turn your bong

    Some bongs have ornate diffusers built into them. They act as upside-down pea traps. Flipping bongs that have diffusers in them allows Kryptonite's solution to flow through them. Recover the excess Kryptonite solution into the original Kryptonite container or a Ziploc bag for your smaller parts.

  • Wait 20-30 minutes and rinse

    After you've coated all surfaces of your bong with Kryptonite's cleaning solution, let the coated bong sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and enjoy!

Now that your water pipe or bong is clean, all that's left is to clean your bowl and slide. You can find directions to cleaning your bong bowl and slide with Kryptonite here.

clean your glass bong with the best bong cleaner, Klear KryptoniteKlear Kryptonite makes easy work of cleaning your water bong
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