Clean Cannabis Resin & Dabs Off Your Hands

How to Clean your Hands After Cleaning a Pipe or Water Bong

If you've ever cleaned a glass pipe, bong or dab rig without gloves on, you know that your hands can become sticky mess. Most commercially available cleaners on the market today aren't meant for cleaning your hands after cleaning your pipe. Luckily, Kryptonite is an all-in-one glass and bong cleaning solution that not only cleans all of your heady glass, but also works wonders on any tar, resin or dab residue that you may get on your hands.

  • Apply a few drops of Kryptonite

    Place a few drops of Kryptonite on your hands and rub your hands together to coat any areas that you may have gotten resin, tar or dab residue on.

  • Rinse with warm water

    After any areas of your hands have been coated with Kryptonite's unique coating formula, simply rinse them off with warm water and watch as all the resin or tar disappears. Kryptonite will also get rid of any burnt plant matter or bong water odors that other cleaners will leave behind!

clean your hands after cleaning a pipe

Stop wasting time and money dealing with other household and commercially available cleaners that don't clean resins, tars or dab marks off your hands. We guarantee that our line of Kryptonite cleaners will get rid of the sticky mess that is left on your hands after cleaning your cannabis smoking accessories!