Diluting Extraction Cleaner for Cleaning Grow Trays

Indoor grows should maintain high levels of cleanliness to ensure strong yields from the growing process. Grow yields can be significantly impacted when grow areas, floors, walls, and grow trays become contaminated with plant matter.

Grow trays are especially susceptible to molds, fungus, and bacteria if they are not properly cleaned and maintained throughout their life.

To ensure grow trays are properly cleaned, use Kryptonite Extractor cleaner before and after each grow cycle as well as when plants are moved to new grow trays.

Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner should be diluted 8:1 to adequately clean grow trays. To begin mixing Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner to use directly on grow trays, start with an empty one gallon container.

  • Dilute Extractor Cleaner With Water

    Pour in a full bottle of 16 ounces Klear Extractor Cleaner. Fill the remaining gallon container with room temperature water. Thoroughly agitate the solution to ensure Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner has been thoroughly blended into the water.

  • Apply Solution

    The solution can be applied directly to grow trays using a spray bottle or by pouring the solution directly into the grow tray.

  • Use Sponge to Wipe Down

    Use a sponge with a scrubbing surface to wipe the tray thoroughly with the solution while scrubbing off any built up plant matter, salt, or other material that has accumulated into the grow tray. This process should be relatively quick depending on the size of the tray.

  • Pour Solution in to Next Tray

    Once the tray is completely clean, pour the solution into the next tray that needs to be cleaned. Repeat this process until all trays have been cleaned. Add Kryptonite Extractor Cleaning solution as needed to ensure you have enough cleaning solution to cover the bottom of each tray.

  • Dispose of Remaining Solution

    When you’ve completed cleaning all of your trays, dispose of the remaining cleaning solution.

  • Rinse Trays

    Rinse trays thoroughly with warm water and use a clean sponge or rag to wipe and dry all surfaces. Repeat this process until all trays have been thoroughly washed. Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner will leave no chemical residue behind and should leave your trays ready for the next grow cycle.

diluting extraction cleaner for cleaning grow trays