How to Clean Your Cannabis Grinder

So, you may ask 'How to Clean your Cannabis Grinder' once it becomes all gummed up with plant matter? No worries, we have 4 easy steps to clean your cannabis grinder up quickly and with very little work.

Traditional metal cannabis grinders usually come apart in several pieces. Most grinders also have a trichome (kief) catcher as the bottommost compartment. After heavy or repeated use, grinders can become gummed up with plant matter and become hard to use.

Cleaning your grinder with Kryptonite is a simple and quick process. We recommend using our travel-sized glass and bong cleaner as the smaller bottle makes for easy application of Kryptonite's cleaning formula

  • Take apart your grinder

    Take apart all pieces of your grinder. Make sure to scrape off any remaining plant matter or kief to save for later use.

  • Coat your grinder with Kryptonite

    Add a few drops of Kryptonite into all chambers of your grinder and massage in with your finger to make sure all surfaces are coated.

  • Clean your grinder's screen

    Add a few drops of Kryptonite into the chamber where your ground cannabis plant matter falls into. Massage the Kryptonite into the screen.

  • Rinse with warm water

    After your all parts and chambers of your grinder have been coated with Kryptonite's cleaning formula, simply rinse with warm water and let air dry.

How to Clean your Cannabis Grinder

Add a few drops of Kryptonite into your cannabis grinder

Massage Kryptonite into your grinder's chambers and rinse with warm water

We recommend that anytime you get a new strain of cannabis, you clean your grinder. This ensures that you are not combining flower that may be a different strain or different type (indica vs. sativa) and guarantees a clean cannabis experience each and every time.

Whether you have a small grinder or a party-sized cannabis grinder, Kryptonite's cleaning formula will easily cut through caked-on cannabis plant matter and make your grinder look like new in only a few minutes!