How to Clean Your Storage and Curing Jars

If you’re a professional cannabis grower, cross-contamination can be a real issue, especially if you sell your crop commercially. Using alcohol to clean your storing and curing jars is not sufficient enough. When using alcohol-based cleaners, you will always have cross contamination between strains. This has been made very evident by the micro-organism tests done in cannabis dispensaries in states that recreational or medical marijuana is legal.

Eliminating these types of issues is of upmost importance. Kryptonite glass and bong cleaners can remove all cross-contamination issues as they relate to storage and curing jars used in cannabis grow rooms and cannabis dispensaries.

  • Add a few drops of Kryptonite

    To clean your storage and curing jars, first add a few drops of Kryptonite. While any of our formulas can be used to clean storage and curing jars, we have found that our 2oz. travel-sized bottles work the best as they are easy to apply inside of your glass or metal jars.

  • Wipe the surfaces of your curing/storage containers

    With a clean sponge, simply wipe the inner and outer surfaces of your storing or curing jars.

  • Rinse

    After you have wiped down all surfaces of your curing or storage containers, rinse with warm water. Let the containers air dry. It's important to let them dry completely as excess moisture can cause mold to form on any cannabis that is stored/cured in the container you have just cleaned.

Clean Your Cannabis Storage and Curing Jars

Dispensaries and professional growers all over the country have turned to Kryptonite to clean their display cases, curing and storage jars. It is the only cleaner in the country which has passed the Colorado Health and Safety Boards and is the only cannabis cleaner which has a VOC content of less than 3% (other commercially available products are 100% VOC as they are made from acetone, alcohol and D-Limonene).