How to Clean Dab Rags & Clothing

If you're a heavy smoker, or even a light smoker that hasn't cleaned their glass pipe, bong or oil rig in a while, you'll find that buildup starts to accumulate around the mouthpiece. Over time, this buildup can leave a brown film on your lips. Many smokers use dab rags to wipe off this brown film off their lips. Over time, these dab rags will get very dirty and start smelling like burnt cannabis plant matter.

Most cleaners that are alcohol and acetone based don't clean the stains that can show on dab rags or other clothing items like shirt or jeans. In less than a minute, Kryptonite's cleaning solution will get your dab rags or other cloth items looking like new.

  • Apply Kryptonite

    Apply a few drops onto the dab rag or clothing item that you are cleaning.

  • Massage Kryptonite into cloth

    If you are cleaning a dab rag, massage Kryptonite's cleaning solution into the rag against itself for about a minute. The same goes for other cloth material such as t-shirts or jeans.

  • Rinse with water or run through the washer

    For dab rags, we recommend rinsing them with warm water after you've massages Kryptonite's cleaning solution into them. For other clothing items like jeans and shirts, we've found the easiest way to clean is to run them through the washer.

How to Clean Dab Marks on Clothing

Cleaning your dab rags or clothing shouldn't be a long process that may or may not work. Kryptonite's unique formula will cut through those tough stains and get rid of any odors that may be left on your dab rags or clothing. See how it works for yourself and visit our store today and grab yourself a bottle.