How to Clean Tar, Resin or BHO Wax from You Sink

If you’re a consumer of cannabis and have ever cleaned your dirty glass pipe, bong or oil rig, you know what a nightmare it can be to clean your sink after you've poured your bong or rig water out.

Time after time, our customers have shared what a nightmare cleaning out their sink would be after they tried to clean their pipe. Customers have also shared that one of the primary reasons for them not cleaning their pipe, bong or oil rig was because of the sheer nightmare cleaning their sink was after they tried to clean their glass.

Not only can cleaning tar, resin, BHO or CO2 wax from your sink be difficult, but the dirty bong water smell that is left over is something no one should have to deal with! Based on the overwhelming amount of customer feedback we received when formulating Kryptonite, we knew we needed to deliver a product that not only cleaned cannabis smoking accessories well, but also cleaned sinks and countertops equally as well.

Regardless of whether you're using our Kryptonite Original Formula, our new Naked Formula or even our Extractor Cleaner Formula, the area that you're cleaning your glass pipe, bong or oil rig in will be a snap to clean up and won't smell like dirty bong water when you're done.

  • Rinse your sink with water

    Quickly rinse your sink with water to get any loose debris out of it and down the drain.

  • Apply Kryptonite

    Pour a small amount of the Kryptonite onto a kitchen sponge. Wipe your sink thoroughly with Kryptonite until all of the tar, wax and sludge has been removed. In some cases you’ll need to use the rough side of the sponge.

  • Rinse out your clean sink with warm water

    To remove any residual bong water smell form your sink and sponge, simply rinse the Kryptonite from your sink and sponge. Kryptonite’s active formula will rinse the smell from your sink as it safely washes away.

Clean a Sink After Cleaning a Bong

Our entire line of Kryptonite Glass and Bong Cleaning products makes cleaning tar, resins, BHO, CO2 wax and other cannabis concentrates from your sink easy and much less time-consuming than other household and commercially available glass and bong cleaners on the market!