About Klear Kryptonite

The Klear revolution starts with its clay based non-abrasive formula that is designed to encapsulate the organic wax, tars, oils and resin build-up that accumulates on hard surfaces, metals, tools and hands. Klear Kryptonite glass and bong cleaner was also engineered and tested in a lab to meet all state & federal environmental regulations to ensure a safe cleaning experience for both recreational cannabis users and professional cannabis growers and extractors.

Klear Solutions, Inc.

Klear’s founder and President, Trish Hamilton, has brought together a team of like-minded professionals that include former silicon valley executives, chemical engineering professionals and manufacturing specialists who are all driven by a common belief in protecting the environment while supporting our US economy. The entire line of Klear Kryptonite products are designed, sourced and built in the USA.

“The Klear Green Team” supports numerous charities and community organizations and if you are interested in joining “Klear’s Green Team”, please reach out to one of our authorized distributors (located on our website), fill out our contact form on our website or call us at (855) 805-5327.

About Klear Kryptonite, INC.
Kryptonite glass and bong cleaners clean multiple surfaces
Kryptonite glass and bong cleaners are formulated in a lab
Kryptonite glass and bong cleaners don't require you to shake your glass bongs
Kryptonite glass and bong cleaners are all eco-friendly

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