Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner


Klear Kryptonite Naked glass and bong cleaner is fragrance-free and clear in color. Which is why we call it Naked.

If you are sensitive to chemical smells and harmful dyes, this product is for you! Made in the USA.

It’s a 420 and 710 friendly solution that clean glass, quartz, ceramic and silicone products. Use on bongs, pipes, grinders, get dab marks off clothes and more.

1 bottle contains 470ml of Klear Kryptonite Naked solution and should last 20+ bong cleanings when used properly.

Klear Kryptonite is 💪10x better than using Salt and ISO Alcohol plus ♻ 100x safer for the environment.

This product is only available to customers in the United States.


Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner

Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner formula was specifically formulated in a lab to have no added colors or fragrances and is the perfect solution for all your cannabis glass and bong cleaning needs.

Compared to Alcohol and Acetone which are made from 100% Volatile Organic Compounds, Kryptonite Naked Glass and Bong Cleaner is the lowest VOC cannabis cleaner on the market today (<3% VOC).

The entire Kryptonite family of cannabis cleaners are the only cleaners on the market that passed Colorado Health and Safety Board’s strict regulations and is used by marijuana dispensaries all over the United States.

Featured in HotBox Magazine’s ’10 Best Bong Cleaning Products and Where To Buy’

Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner is not just for your water pipe! Use Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner on your favorite:

  1. Hand Pipe
  2. Oil Rig
  3. Extraction Tubes
  4. Hard Surfaces
  5. Sinks
  6. Metals
  7. Quartz Bangers
  8. Nails
  9. Grow Trays
  10. Dab Rags and Clothing

Why Buy Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner?

Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner is the first and only color free and fragrance-free multi-surface glass and bong cleaner on the market!

It’s safe to use on glass, metal, hands, sinks, tools, extraction tubes and clothing.

In addition, our new Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner was specifically developed for cannabis growers and cannabis extractors. It easily cleans your tools, grow trays and other hard glass and metal surfaces.

Need more than one bottle of our Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner? Check out our Naked Super Pack or Naked Half Case and save big!